theatre installation performance

Pai is a small village in the North East of Thailand, Mae Hong Son province,
150 km from Chiang Mai.

A misty village 600 meters above water level, Pai is surrounded by high mountains and offer magnificent, panoramic views of nature, and very clean mountain air.
Many tribes still lead a tranquil, traditional life there.
Pai River runs through the village and the forest, before leading on to Burma.

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Pai, Thailand
caught our attention for several reasons:

:-) Its tropical climate, moderated by altitude; warm in the day but cool at night
from November to February

:-) The meeting and merging of
international cultures

:-) The clash between the contemporary reality of the S-E Asian region, opposed by the contrasting and complementary relationship between tradition and modernity

The installation, made of bamboo and light materials
will then be taken down and sent by
boat to the Avignon Festival of 2009