theatre installation performance

Workshop Program

Relaxation and breathing excercises, voice and resonation,
reading out loud, character work, study and practice of contemporary theatre, Kantor, Beuys, Artaud.

Evenings are filled with video presentations,
lectures and discussions.

 Working towards a multisensory conscience,
listening to and resonating with the surroundings,
empathy between the body and the elements;
bonds between the installation-art, the act and the exchange of information between the cells of communication.

Exchanges, suggestions, expression of ideas, feelings, and opinions,
on a topic chosen, in a writing workshop.
An act taking form from a written text, then leaving the written behind to launch into the semi-improvised
and the personalities of the characters.
Food for the soul, an imaginary, creative ensemble.

Small individual and collective routines are established,
rituals and the construction of personal totems within the installation.

The making of a tree of life relates the characters,
putting forward ideas, words, bits of material,
photos, electronic equipment, colours, all things inspirational.

Introduction to Thai language, music, and food.

Assembling the technichal parts of the installation.

Participation in the installation-art performance

Workshop timetable : 9h – 12h  and 14h – 17h or 17 h – 20h
Sunday and Monday mornings free.

The theatre performance is a spectacle built around a certain theme.
Each actor is part of the conception.

The concept of installation-art performance

Our workwhops take place in Pai, Thailand
in January and February 2010,

in an open air setting of 3000m².
It is aimed towards beginners as well as experienced actors,
each conveying their own possibilities,
and includes participation in the
installaton-art performance

The number of participants is limited to ten.

Objective : Rediscover the state of creativity itself.

The artist's act does not reveal an incarnation of a character,
but what is immediately practical.
Without immitation, illusion, and psychology,
the actor becomes a being of his own concrete reality.
The creative process thus requires intuition.
Conscience is under scrutiny, disarmed,
beyond the protection of false masks.

It's about using the 'ready-mades', found objects, poor materials
and/or available in the immediate surroundings
The object becomes part of the act, a contender alongside the actor.

The text as the objects becomes part of the actor.
Signs, the shrinking of reality.
"I'm not acting, I'm acting with"
To create a blank page
free from the illusionary universe of text.



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The workshop in Avignon costs 400 euros for the two months, and includes accomodation on site in tents or caravans,
as well as meals prepared together.

Questions about the workshop