theatre installation performance

Our theatrical company is comprised of four main characters who are the actors that stage the
Théâtre de l'Enjeu projects.

Poor theatre, free from subsidies, using the disposable objects and places, available for creation.

We are inspired by the works of Artaud, Kantor and Grotowsky, Beuys, Kienholz... but we are not making any retake of Artaud the Momo or the dead Class.
They are the actors who left their mark, they mark the end of an era. We respect them and study them because they brought theatre forward, forced it out of its inactivity.

Today the stake is to survive our human condition, in a world without compass, where it has become impossible to get lost, and to set in scene the banality of every day life, individuals forever searching, without reason.

Supporters of nothing at all and no one
without illusions of souls extraordinaire
just ordinary people,
moving around the universe, nothing more, nothing less.

Maybe the solution is simplicity in itself.

A bit of background;

1. THERMOGENIC, the summer of 2003, heatwave... 12-24th of July, on a barge moored on the Rhone, 70m2 acting area: exhibiting "Thermogenic" (meaning : generating heat) a 40 minute installation-art performance dealing with slavery, oppression and prostitution. 7 actors in a steel cage of 25m2 containing a 15m2 machine (cogs, belts, motors, the decor is balanced by the "maevesque" installation of airborn pieces of paper) vascillating without interest in their actions, a nymph emerging from the Rhone, attempts to liberate them from their state of being...The metamorphosis of a chrysalis provides the energy needed... the silent action is announced by the reading of extracts from "Le Livre" by Pierre Guyotat. Projection of written text. A maximum of 30 spectators surround the scene.

2. HYDROGENIC, the summer of 2007, 12-24th of July, in a garden, an in situ representation of "Hydrogenic", (meaning : producing all states of water: liquid, ice, and gas) a 65 minute installation-art performance merging vegetal art, theatre, music... Topic : learning to balance life between natural joy and technical progress in simplicity in a place not featured on any map...movement of air, water, and gas... 9 actors a traditional society, living to the rythm of simple rituals, the water bearers busy filling the reservoir... the setting sun, channels of water flow from a well on top of which a blcok of ice is melting, the chrysalis slowly rolls out from a roll of white tulle... progressively a duality between natural joy and technical progress is established, Eden or the Golden Age... Oral and scenic semi-improvisation from the original outline. A maximum number of 75 spectators surround the stage area.

Current project :

3. CRYOGENIC, planned for the 12-24th of February in Pai Thailand, and in July 2009 for the Festival of Avignon in a green space of +- 2000m² presenting "Cryogenic" (the generation of ultra low-temperatures : -55°c --> -273°c – absolute zero), 1hr30 mins long installation-art performance, 12 actors, scientists, researchers, village folk.... A construction, a 50m3 transparent, hexagonal dome where the negative temperatures reign: blocks of ice, condensation, fog, protective garments, surrounded by a tropical village garden, plants flowers, water, trails, huts, tables, chairs, a restaurant and bar, video projection. The lighting has an orange tint through sodium lamps, the spectators meander through the installation (maximum number 150) seated, moving round, eating, drinking...Coloured liquids flow through transparent plastic tubes leading to and from the dome. Topic : the duality between the glacially healthy research of the scientists and the pathogenic moistness of the tropics. The myth of immortality through cryo preservation of the human body at -55°c. Illusion, appearance, dream and reallity. Oral and scenic semi-improvisation from an original outline developed by the actors during the workshop and building process before the play begins.